Antoine Bocquet

Yasujiro Kiyota
"Great future in Regenerative medicine"


Fellow, Department Manager
Stem Cell Business Developing Department
Technology Solution Center
Health Care Business Unit
Nikon Corp


He joined Nikon Corporation in 1989 and worked in the system design of infrared cameras for about 15 years, working for Nikon's US research center. In 2003, he moved to cell culture-related business and engaged in the development of a cell culture observation device (BioStation CT) that began sales in 2006. In order to develop an objective evaluation method of cultured cells, and also develop image analysis software that combines pattern recognition technology and machine learning function.

In recent years, the development of the evaluation method to secure the stability and uniformity of cell manufacturing in the process of cell culture, which is an important factor for the industrialization of Regenerative medicine, participated in the national project related to the development of the evaluation technology of IPs cells from 2011