Antoine Bocquet

Yasunori Yonejima
"Industrial application of a Gut Microbial Linoleic Acid Metabolite; 10-hydroxy-cis-12-octadecenoic acid (HYA)"

Section Manager
Postbiotics Research Center with Microorganisms
R & D Division


Dr. Yasunori Yonejima has worked for Nitto Pharmaceutical Industries, LTD. since 1999. Since joining the company, he has engaged in developing various probiotics products. Recently, he contributed to the development of Lactic acid bacteria containing Chocolate.

In 2009, he received the Kyoto Small and Medium Enterprise Technology Award for "Long-Term Stable Lactic Acid Bacteria Production Technology".

He completed his doctorate in agriculture at Kyoto Prefectural University in 2013.

Dr. Yonejima currently engages in product development work utilizing new beneficial microorganisms and research for gut microbial metabolite derived from linoleic acid, 10-hydroxy-cis-12-octadecenoic acid (HYA).

In this presentation, he describes current application studies of HYA toward industrialization to contribute to human wellbeing and enriched life.